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Our luxurious suites offer spacious comfort and top quality ameneties.

Whether you're travelling as a family or looking for a romantic honeymoon getaway, we're committed to making your stay a memorable one.

Situated near the heart of York, Olivers is just a short walk from the centre of town and York Station, and a mere stone's throw from the iconic York Racecourse.

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Explore York

Find a city steeped in rich history and unmatched in beauty.

Wander the ancient city walls, take a stroll down the Shambles and catch a performance at the newly renovated York Theatre Royal.

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You will never be bored.

Summers in York are truly unforgettable.

With events ranging from outdoor theatre performances, to the famous York Races, to music, food and beer festivals.

See what's on this summer in and around York.

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In the heart of York

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